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Coaching Services

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, business leader or author, my coaching catalyzes visionaries to launch awesome brands, create robust online platforms that, when combined with marketing strategy, will bring visibility, fanbase growth and highly engaged followings. I offer both individual coaching intensives and group coaching programs designed to bring your Passion-Driven Brand to life!

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Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

Branding and Media Coach

Free Report

Creating unique content for your social platforms will catalyze your brand and your message to online audiences. Blogging can be a centerpiece to that process. I’ve created a free report, Blogging Best Practices, that’s a cheat sheet on content optimization. Read this report and make your content and brand discoverable and sharable online!

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If you’re having trouble finding, engaging and growing your audience online, you’re not alone. There’s a LOT that goes into knowing what will work, how to tell a passion-driven story, and knowing how to continually change tactics. To successfully bridge your brand, your book, or your product to your people, you must:

  • Infuse your brand and messaging with your passion, your WHY.
  • Laser focus that passion to only the audiences that will resonate with it (quality, not quantity).
  • Find out exactly where your audience engages with its beloved brands
  • Tell your story, with all of the authentic passion you feel for WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, and KEEP FURTHERING THIS STORY.

Honing a passion-driven brand and identifying the correct platforms on which to tell your story yourself can be a huge time suck and motivation-draining struggle. My coaching will cut the learning curve and bring you to success (and sales) sooner.

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