FINALLY! We are Getting SNOW! What to do, What to do…

By December 19, 2010 Uncategorized No Comments

We are in the throes of an actual winter storm in Southwest Colorado, THANK CHRIST! Today was my son’s first day in Freestyle DEVO, and our family’s first time ever having a kid in that set up. We did the USSA membership, we did the huge-ass sign up online. What we didn’t do? Buy him a ski pass. DUH! I got  a call from his coach about a half an hour into his training session today. She was nice but she was firm. “What the hell? Your son has no pass?”

Yes, well. … Rookie. I told her I was sorry. In addition to that feaux-paux, we sent him up sans helmet and with a jacket that didn’t really zip. Okay, send the four-foot golden best Mountain Diva Parent Award trophy to my PO Box in Durango.

In other news. … Kendall Mountain Ski Area in Silverton, Colo., opened today (again, THANK CHRIST!). We’ll have our White Christmas after all, and have a destination every day over Christmas break with the Ogden kids. I also discovered an option for the day after Christmas at the Ouray Ice Park. The kids climbing college.

Really, I am just happy it’s snowing. It’s the simple things in life!

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