Here it is! The 2013 Mountain Diva Adventure Tick List

Here we are, attempt No. 1 in Sept. 12.
Time to commit. ...

Time to commit. …

It’s a brand-new year and the Mountain Diva will be dropping the proverbial clutch in 2013 in a number of ways. In this update, I’ll fill you in on the changes being implemented for 2013 with the Mountain Diva’s community, centered on this blog. Additionally, I’m officially committing to my Top 5 outdoor adventure goals for 2013.

First, the Mountain Diva blog. … It’s redesigned and the new features are up and running. You’ll notice we are running ads that highlight women’s-specific outdoor products from some of Verde’s  leading clients. (Disclosure: Verde is a leading brand communications agency that I founded in the outdoor, bike, snowsports, travel, fitness and active lifestyle markets 11 years ago.)

This month, we’re going to be engaging our community more on Twitter and debuting Mountain Diva Pinterest boards. These efforts serve as a way for us to cast a wider net for new Divas to discover us with our new, regularly updated content, that will be focused on regional events, gear reviews, profiles of Uber Divas, travel and adventure destinations, and other topics. Additionally, I’ll be writing here about the outdoor, bike, snowsports and active outdoor lifestyle markets, from my vantage point as CEO of Verde.

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Okay, on to the business end of this conversation. …

My 2013 Adventure Tick List is literally a stake in the ground – I write down my goals and will be accountable to them, barring hell, high water (which could actually be a good thing in our world), kid or injury issues. I will be gunning to complete these goals and will bring you along with me, training plans included. Here we go:

1 – Dear Jack, Can I bribe you to climb the Grand Teton in a day with me once more in 2013?

One of the absolute highlights of 2012 for me was trying to climb the Grand Teton in a day.  Jack and three of my Verde coworkers (Dave Simpson, Keith Cozzens and Andrew Small) left the parking lot at 3:00 a.m., to take on the seven-miles between us and the summit. We were stormed off with a lot of elevation ahead of us (about an hour-plus more of climbing, I was told). This is my year to finish this gem and have the effort NOT take 15 hours. That means TRAINING (something I didn’t really do last year) and some of Jack’s special Peruvian Marching Powder (kidding). … This year’s goal is to do the Full Exum in a day. The route is green to red in the image below.

2 – Do a Randonee Ski Race. This will need to happen in Q1 of this year, and I have already fallen in love with my Scarpa Aliens and Ski Trab Free Rando Light skis, which I’ll be using for my attempt. This year, I won’t have wine and cheese first, and wear a German beer girl costume, as I did in 2012. … I’ll show up with my game face on and do the Cosmic Series on Molas Pass or the Grand Traverse (Aspen to Crested Butte) with The Husband. I have Scarpa Aliens on a Trab Free Rando set up and honestly, it’s tough to ski anything else anymore. The gear is SO light and so damn good – I just need to get my a** in shape to race on it, and I need to learn a lot more about technique. Stay tuned. …

3 – Finish an endurance mountain bike race and do an Enduro race. Jen Judge, my good friend who is an absolutely amazing rider and photographer, is the impetus for this. Recently, I was out riding with her and her husband Aaron Gulley, and my colleagues from Diamondback, in and around Santa Fe and she and I locked in on this goal for 2013. Well, I am officially committing. We’ll try for a 2-woman team at 12-hours of Mesa Verde and likely a race in Crested Butte or the Park City Point to Point (if we can get in). I’ll let you know which one we’ll be doing. Regarding Enduro, Yeti sponsors a Colorado series that I’ll sign up for (late summer time frame).

4 – Paddle boarding has become a passion of mine and this year, so, why not do a race! I’ll likely be committing to a race outside of Park City, or somewhere in Colorado (I would love to organize an up-river race on Durango’s Animas River, we’ll see where that may go). If anyone has any ideas for a stand-up paddleboard race within driving distance of Durango, Colo., let me know…

5 – Finish the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in 2:50 flat. My best time so far in this Durango-to-Silverton road race is 3 hours, 40 seconds in 2012.

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, 2012

This is the end of the IHBC race, in Silverton, Colorado.

This year’s race sold out in less than a day, and I got in! I’m done with trying to “break 3″ and I’m going to instead cut my time by 10 minutes. I’ll be riding a Diamondback Podium 7 Super Record road bike (I’ve refinanced my home to afford pro deal on this beauty, don’t tell The Husband).

I will be updating this with locked in events and how I’ll be training for them, and what gear I’ll be using. Let me know what events you might be doing this year!

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