Pink Gear Giveaway Redux: More Opportunities to Win


Holla Mountain Divas (and dudes)!

T-minus three(ish) days until the first prize-winner for our Pink Gear Giveaway is awarded. (Winners will be selected on Friday and announced on Monday.) As of today, we’re accepting photo submissions of you doing what you love in the outdoors – with or without tutu.

Here’s the deal: The all-knowing, all-seeing Google Analytics tells us that a lot of a Divas have checked out the contest. And, we’re beyond stoked to see the fabulous entries we’ve received.

Frankly, however, the numbers aren’t jiving between how many people take a peak and how many people have submitted photos.

Upon reflection, we’re not too proud to admit that maybe – just maybe – our tutu parameters were a bit tutu tight (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Even sans tutu, you and Lindsey Vonn are now welcome to submit any photo ~ as long as you’re doing what you love. Photo:

In yoga, it’s called a sangha or kula. In groups of friends, it’s called a posse. In cultures around the world, it’s called a tribe. All of these point to a community of people with like-minded values or goals or dreams.

We don’t care if you wear a tutu or not. We just want to connect our community of women who share a mutual passion for outdoor living and sport. There are two ways you submit a photo:

  1. Email to:, or
  2. Instagram it with the following hashtags: #RockthatTutu, #Mtn_Div, #Snow

Hope to see more of you soon. Check out here for current entries.


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