Power in Cycling is More Than Just ‘Work Per Unit Time’

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Photo: www.scvelowomen.com

Photo: www.scvelowomen.com

You may be sensing a theme. It was a fantastic winter of travel, inspiration and fun adventures in snow. But we at Mountain Diva are ready to be on our bikes (indoor trainers are cruel and unusual punishment when it’s in the high 60’s outside).

A round-up of recent cycling news shows women assuming the power positions of getting ‘er done: in competition, in driving participation and in small stakes of freedom. 

In the realm of girl crushes, few reach the depths (heights?) of our admiration for Rebecca Rusch. As if winning the Leadville 100 MTB race four times weren’t enough, she picks up 24-hour race wins like they’re candy. She rides for endurance; she rides for speed; she does cyclocross and she runs her own branded tour with SRAM, the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour. The SRAM Gold Rusch Tour is all about getting women on their bikes, and this year it’s going international with a few Tour stops in Canada (credit to Cyclocross Magazine). First stop = Sea Otter Classic, April 18-21.

(Mountain Diva’s own, Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, will reporting from Sea Otter and hoping to catch a glimpse of the fabulous Ms. Rusch.)

Speaking of fabulous, did you know there is an entire arm of advocacy at the League of American Bicyclists dedicated to women’s cycling? The women’s page on the League’s website is a resource for events, webinars and sponsor information.

What especially piqued our interest is that the League’s “Women Bike” program isn’t just talk. The organization provides grants and other funding options to get great ideas off the ground. According to the website, “Our grant program aims to provide best practices on women’s bicycling outreach and engagement to advocates nationwide, by sharing effective strategies, programs and materials to inform and be utilized by other advocacy organizations.”

Do you have a great idea or new strategy to get more women on bikes? Act fast. The deadline for the latest round of mini-grants is April 15, 2013. Click here for the complete download.

To round out the week in women’s cycling news: Saudi Arabia has “relaxed” the ban on women riding bikes. According to a variety of sources, women may now ride bicycles and motorcycles for recreation (i.e. not for transportation). Al Jazeera notes that, “… women can ride bikes in parks and recreational areas but they have to be accompanied by a male relative and dressed in the full Islamic head-to-toe abaya.” We’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to editorialize.



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